Grow Responsibly

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Growing our business includes looking beyond the bottom line.

Practices that help to ensure integrity, compliance and the protection of data, while engaging with our industry and our Board, help to drive continued growth today and into the future.

Our Commitment to Corporate Governance and Ethics

Maintaining a sound corporate governance structure and controls is central to fulfilling Atlas’ mission to power our customers’ global supply chains. We strive to outperform expectations and lead responsibly in everything we do. Our corporate governance program is built on complete transparency, which helps create and sustain public trust in our Company.

Being a trusted partner means upholding an unwavering commitment to the highest level of legal and ethical conduct, honesty and integrity. We are committed to accountability and transparency in all our global operations and in how we interact with our customers, suppliers, regulators, investors and each other.

Sustainability Oversight

Our commitment to delivering against our sustainability objectives is a shared responsibility across the organization. From our Board and Executive Management team to all our employees, we hold ourselves accountable for creating a sustainable future for all.

At the Board level, the Safety & ESG Committee provides oversight of Board governance, the Company’s safety strategies, policies, programs and practices, and environmental and sustainability practices. The Committee meets at least twice a year and provides regular reports to the Board regarding the execution of its duties.

Atlas’ Head of Sustainability, who also holds the role of Chief Commercial Officer, is responsible for driving the Company’s commitment to reduce Scope 1 emissions by 20% by 2035 (compared with a 2021 baseline) and leading the development and execution of the Company’s decarbonization strategies. Our CEO and other members of the Executive Management team are responsible for supporting Atlas’ sustainability strategy in their respective functions.


Learn more about our commitments to compliance, data privacy & cybersecurity and public policy advocacy in our 2023 Sustainability Report.