Preserve Our Planet

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Atlas is committed to reducing our environmental impact and supporting our customers with their own climate strategies.

We place a strategic focus on scaling up sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) usage, fuel efficiencies, equipment improvements, operational best practices and fuel savings.

We also implement best practices and protocols that empower our teams to promote recycling, waste reduction and natural resource preservation. We collaborate with industry peers and associations to raise awareness of the need for broader governmental adoption of policies that reward industries for developing new technologies and for the use of lower-impact fuel sources, such as SAF.

Mitigating Our Impact on Climate Change

Reflected in our business model, we connect global supply chains and expeditiously move goods where they are needed most, propelling industries and enabling global prosperity. At the same time, we are continuously striving to lower our aircraft emissions and improve our fuel efficiency as part of our commitment to promote a cleaner environment. We also work closely with our customers to support their decarbonization strategies. Visit Our Decarbonization Strategy to learn more.

Reducing Resource Consumption

We are dedicated to minimizing our environmental impact by conscientiously managing natural resource consumption and adopting sustainable practices throughout our supply chain. Our efforts encompass initiatives aimed at promoting clean air and water, waste diversion, recycling and energy efficiency across operational domains. Through these proactive measures, we aspire to contribute to a healthier, more sustainable future for our planet and communities alike.

We take a localized approach to resource conservation, which has spurred the development of a diverse range of environmental sustainability programs and strategies across our sites. Examples include:

  • Compacting garbage to minimize the frequency of dumpster trips, leading to a significant reduction in fuel consumption
  • Shredding cardboard boxes for shipping material as opposed to using bubble wrap
  • Installing energy-efficient LED lighting and automatic shutdown systems
  • Participating in environmental initiatives led by our landlord at various locations

Our Approach to Noise Reduction

Minimizing the impact of aircraft noise is a long-standing priority for Atlas. Through our investments in new equipment and technology, as well as our ongoing operational improvements, we are advancing a quieter fleet of aircraft. Atlas also works with recognized aviation organizations, airport authorities, associations and regulators to adopt best practices for mitigating aircraft noise as part of our commitment to be good neighbors in our communities.

Our efforts include the following:

  • Build and manage flight schedules to arrive and depart in compliance with airport curfews and quiet hours
  • Optimize our flight departures and arrival paths to minimize noise
  • Investment in new aircraft with a reduced noise footprint
  • Collaborate with partners, conduct research and perform analysis on new technologies to help identify opportunities to reduce our noise footprint