Maximize Social Impact

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Our commitment to “Caring for the World We Carry” includes our dedication to the communities where our business operates.

Through active engagement with our workforce and contributions to local and global initiatives, Atlas aims to foster thriving communities.

Our Community Impact & Philanthropy Efforts

We align our business strategy and logistics proficiency with meaningful endeavors that create a positive impact globally, with a focus on three critical areas of need:

  • Supporting U.S. Service Members, Veterans and Their Families
  • Enabling Students to Achieve in STEM Learning
  • Being There When Our Communities Need Us – Locally and Globally

Each focus area is supported by our corporate philanthropy efforts – through contributions, sponsorships and in-kind donations – as well as employee volunteerism.

Read more about how we care for the world we carry on our Tailwinds blog.

Enhancing Global Prosperity

Through our global operations, we provide dozens of industries and small businesses with year-round access to the global marketplace without the commitment or expense of leasing an aircraft. Examples of our global impact include:

  • Ensuring environmental and quality control to deliver life-saving medicines.
  • Facilitating delivery of high-value goods and just-in-time service.
  • Shipping flowers from farmers in Colombia.
  • Shipping agricultural products, including asparagus, mangoes, cherries and more, from Peruvian farmers.

Atlas’ operating philosophy is to grow our business by helping our customers grow theirs. We enable large companies and organizations to access growing markets and manage highly efficient supply chains. We also help open markets for small businesses, including technology startups, farmers and craftsmen. Regions and communities in all parts of the world benefit from our reach and impact.

Enabling Small Business Growth

While our global reach plays a significant role in the supply chain of our clients, Atlas also aims to leverage our own procurement needs to promote and support diverse and small businesses. In 2023, our spending with small businesses was nearly $240 million, and we almost doubled our spending goal for veteran-owned small businesses.