About Us

Safety: Our Highest Priority

At Atlas Air, Safety and Compliance are our top priorities. Our crewmembers and ground staff of about 4,500 employees worldwide share these priorities and are committed to these core values.

Operating nearly 61,000 flights yearly to hundreds of destinations around the world, Atlas Air safely and proudly serves both the cargo and charter passenger needs of a broad customer base including partners such as the U.S. military, DHL, Amazon, Qantas, major sports leagues and many more.

Atlas Air maintains an industry best-practice Safety program meeting all FAA, ICAO and IATA standards. Atlas Air was among the aviation industry leaders participating in pilot Safety Management System (SMS) programs before they were required.









Our SMS promotes a positive and just Safety culture featuring:

  • Oversight of all operating departments
  • Formal, proactive methods for identifying hazards and mitigating risks
  • Comprehensive Safety Reporting tools
    • Constant quality assurance and control reporting
    • Accepted Aviation Safety Action Programs (ASAP)
  • Safety Technology
    • Continued investment in leading technologies such as
      • Wireless Quick Access Recorders (WQARs)
      • Flight Data analysis and visualization
      • Emergency Vision Assurance System (EVAS)
      • AEDs on all ETOPS aircraft
      • Lithium battery fire containment products
    • Continuous feedback of safety performance data to all operating departments and the management team
    • Continued investment in training, education, and awareness throughout the organization

Internal and External audits

Atlas Air has been listed on the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) registry since 2007. Over the course of the last decade, Atlas Air has met or exceeded these standards in each audit we have undergone.

Atlas Air is continuously evaluated by other regulatory organizations and trusted partners. We are confident in our rigorous preparation and dedication to maintaining the highest levels of safety and compliant, effective internal evaluation programs.

Comprehensive Security Programs

Atlas Air prioritizes threat-based Risk Management programs, implemented in coordination with our customers, to minimize threats and provide the highest levels of security to passengers, crew, company assets and high-value cargo.

Atlas Air is continuously analyzing and investing in security technologies in order to keep our crews and our customers and their assets safe.