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Employee Experience

We depend on the dedication of our talented team members who are committed to providing best-in-class service and reliability for our customers. We seek to attract, develop and nurture individuals who thrive in our fast-paced, dynamic business and service-oriented culture. Our employees understand the critical role of teamwork, and demonstrate it through respect, professionalism and inclusive collaboration.

Talent Acquisition, Retention and Development

Our approach to talent acquisition, retention and development starts with our employee value proposition: We are extraordinary people doing extraordinary things. We work to provide ongoing, challenging opportunities in a high-growth environment where employees can chart their own career path. The expansion of e-commerce, global supply chains and distribution channels provides endless opportunities for our people to solve important, unique challenges.

In recent years, Atlas has launched a series of new initiatives tailored to the unique characteristics of our two distinct employee populations: ground employees and crew (pilots). Some of the initiatives address both employee groups, while others are more specific.

In 2018 and 2019, we enhanced our approach to talent acquisition, retention and development in several key ways, including:

  • Strengthening our employee value proposition by focusing on the extraordinary nature of the work we do, which will help us to raise awareness of aviation-related careers and contribute to a strong talent pipeline for critical functions across our business.
  • Restructuring our salary bands for ground employees within the organization to ensure our team members are compensated appropriately for their respective roles and positions. We are committed to the growth of our employees, and our new architecture provides clearer pathways for development and advancement.
  • Fortifying our Talent Development and Talent Acquisition teams with new leadership that is focused on early and mid-career management.
A Leader in Pilot Training

As an industry, we are always working to address the pilot-supply pipeline. We are focused on building a diverse talent pipeline to ensure we have the crew we need both today and in the future. This includes establishing pathways and partnerships with other carriers and training centers to support pilots in need of additional flight hours, jet transition courses or an Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) license, which can be cost prohibitive. In addition, we are working with industry partners and legislators to reduce training costs, particularly for underrepresented minority groups. Read more about these efforts in Public Policy Advocacy.

Inclusive Diversity

We adopted a platform of inclusive diversity whereby we value individual differences and their impact on generating new ideas. This reflects our focus on attracting, retaining and developing a diverse workforce, as well as ensuring that a diversity of backgrounds and perspectives is included in our decision-making and strategic direction. From our Board of Directors through our leadership and management teams to our staff at all levels, we seek highly qualified candidates who can also bring a diversity of thought and experience to our global organization.

Our Inclusive Diversity mission: As an organization that carries the world, Atlas seeks to foster an inclusive, service-oriented culture that is fundamental to attracting and retaining the talent we need to fuel our ongoing success. Our philosophy on Inclusive Diversity is to:

  • Reflect the composition of the world we carry
  • Meet the needs of a diverse client base
  • Spark innovation through diversity of thought and experiences
  • Stand out as an employer of choice
  • Listen to the voices of our employees, all of whom reflect the world in which we live
  • Generate long-term value for our shareholders

In 2018, we conducted an evaluation of Atlas’ inclusive diversity approach against peers and best practices. In 2019, we completed a comprehensive employee experience survey that included a question about inclusion at Atlas. Both evaluations are being used as benchmarks to identify our go-forward priorities and track our progress in this increasingly important aspect of our business.

Creating More Opportunities for Women in Aviation

To attract, engage and develop women in our organization, we launched our Atlas Air Worldwide Women’s Network in 2019. The Women’s Network is focused on connecting and developing women to support their professional growth and the success of the organization.

Atlas women are also actively engaged in the International Aviation Women’s Association (IAWA), which is charged with cultivating and advancing women leaders in the aviation and aerospace industries through a global network. The organization offers conferences, webinars, mentoring, college scholarships and a committee structure, including a committee focused on the air cargo sector.

Compensation and Benefits

We seek to offer our employees highly competitive compensation and benefit packages to attract, motivate and retain them for the long term. We offer comprehensive healthcare coverage to all regular full-time employees and their eligible dependents, including same-sex spouses. Visit our Careers page for more information on the benefits we offer: