Career, Culture & Equity for Our People

Atlas Employee standing with her arms crossed in front of a Boeing 747-8
Atlas Employee standing with her arms crossed in front of a Boeing 747-8

Career, Culture & Equity for Our People

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Our people are the source of our strength and what drives our business forward. Their collective skills and experiences contribute to our competitive advantage, and we are committed to the continuous improvement of their experience throughout the employee life cycle. Atlas Air Worldwide employees understand that what we do matters, and we care for the world they carry. Pride is a fundamental characteristic of our culture and the essence of who we are.

Employee Experience

At Atlas, we believe we are stronger because of the talents of our people. We offer careers that celebrate the unique backgrounds, goals and professional aspirations of all employees, and we work to continuously improve the employee experience by upholding a collaborative and inclusive culture that reflects our Company Values and Leadership Principles.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion 

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The diversity of our team enables us to better understand and meet the needs of all those we serve. Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) is integrated into our operations through defined policies and programs and is a key consideration in driving our overall business strategy.

We are guided by our DEI philosophy, which ensures we will:

  • Reflect the composition of the world we carry;
  • Meet the needs of a diverse customer base;
  • Spark innovation through diversity of thought and experiences;
  • Stand out as an employer of choice;
  • Listen to the voices of the employees who reflect the world in which we live; and
  • Generate long-term value for our stakeholders.
LIFT Program

At Atlas, we are committed to empowering our employees to prioritize their career development, so they can give “lift” to their careers. In October 2022, we launched a new employee development program, LIFT, to help individuals adopt growth mindsets and own their career development. LIFT provides resources to help our employees along their career development journeys. These resources include career development toolkits with self-assessments that allow individuals to create an independent development plan. With the launch of LIFT, we hosted a variety of live events and workshops to introduce the importance of personal development and teach our team members how to build it into their daily lives.

Safety & Security

Atlas Air Worldwide’s core value of Safety is paramount to everything we do. We are committed to a culture with safety, security and compliance as top corporate priorities, and we demonstrate these commitments in how we provide a safe, healthy and secure workplace for our approximately 4,500 employees and safely operating more than 61,000 flights annually around the world.

Labor Relations

The dedication of talented employees is essential to our growth and success. We are committed to ensuring our employees are treated fairly and are equitably compensated for their work, and we respect their rights as employees.