A Message from Our Leaders

Caring for the World We Carry

Thank you for your interest in Atlas Air Worldwide and our commitment to environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance and reporting. We have been committed to being a responsible corporate citizen since our founding in 1992 with one Boeing 747-200. We have not wavered in our drive to deliver excellence daily, do business the right way and be our customers’ most trusted partner, as our business has grown to include a total fleet of 122 Boeing aircraft as of the writing of this letter.

“Caring for the world we carry” captures our commitment to our people, communities and the world by being a catalyst for economic and social progress.

We have had a global mindset from the beginning. Our business connects markets around the world and enables the growth of economies in emerging countries. For example, our air cargo network enables farmers in East Africa to move from subsistence farming to exporting produce and other products for global markets. The same is true for those who are growing flowers or farming asparagus and blueberries in Latin America. We also fly humanitarian missions to deliver food, water, medical supplies and other daily living essentials to natural disaster-ravaged areas, and we are honored to be the largest provider of military passenger and cargo airlift globally to support the U.S. military.

We are also focused on maintaining high standards of compliance with laws and regulations related to the environment, safety, corporate governance, ethics and data security in the U.S. and globally. This includes our commitment to be an industry leader in addressing aircraft fuel efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Today, Atlas operates the world’s largest fleet of Boeing 747 freighters. Growth is important to us, and so is being a responsible corporate citizen. Our goal is to deliver tangible impact on issues that matter and also influence others in our industry and value chain to do so as well.

With the guidance of our internal ESG executive committee, we have established our ESG policy and made meaningful progress in enhancing and coordinating our many ESG-related efforts. We are on a journey of continuous improvement and ongoing engagement with our key stakeholders – customers, investors, employees, partners in both the private and public sectors, and the communities where we operate.

Atlas has a world of opportunity to lead and innovate, and we are moving boldly forward with purpose. We look forward to updating you on our progress.


Bill Flynn signature 3
Bill Flynn
Chairman of the Board


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John Dietrich

President and Chief Executive Officer

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