Our ESG Strategy

Our ESG Strategy

Our environmental, social and governance (ESG) journey began with our founding in 1992 and is rooted in our core values, including our unyielding commitment to care for each other, our planet and our communities. We believe long-term growth and success are achieved by sustaining and protecting our natural resources, empowering our employees and business partners, and demonstrating transparency and accountability. As such, we have identified what is paramount to our stakeholders, as expressed in our 13 material topics, and aligned them to our overarching priorities.

Environment IconEnvironmental Stewardship

Understanding where and how we can reduce our environmental impact is a priority embraced across our organization.

People IconCareer, Culture & Equity for Our People

There is no greater asset than our people. We have built a culture that embraces both openness and collaboration by striving to ensure safety, professional development and equity for all employees.

Social Impact & Community Engagement

Our commitment of “caring for the world we carry” conveys our dedication to the places where our business takes us.

Responsible Business Growth

Governance IconGrowing our business means looking beyond the bottom line with practices that ensure integrity, compliance and the protection of data.

Our ESG Strategy and Policy

Our ESG vision, priorities and management approach are formalized through our defined material topics, which inform our ESG strategy and policy. The ESG priorities we have identified are important to our business as well as our stakeholders and are issues on which we believe we can have a meaningful impact in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

Our Sustainable Growth Plan

  • Growing and Diversifying Our Business by building new and existing customer relationships and identifying opportunities to add value for our customers and shareholders.
  • Elevating Our Team by investing in our people and focusing on work-life quality, while also leveraging diversity as an innovation driver.
  • Boosting Our Corporate Performance by capitalizing on our competitive advantages and increasing operating efficiency.
  • Advancing Our Corporate Citizenship through environmental stewardship, contributing to social impact and demonstrating industry Leading governance

Stakeholder Engagement

Our commitment to ESG is guided by our desire to build long-term, sustainable growth and value for our stakeholders. Through our ESG strategy and performance, we are committed to addressing the needs of stakeholders, including investors, customers, employees, suppliers, partners and communities. We regularly engage with our stakeholders to communicate our priorities and progress and to better understand the issues that are important to them.