New technology passenger and freighter aircraft. The 747-8Freighter offers 16% more revenue cargo volume than the benchmark 747-400., plus improved fuel-burn efficiency from new engines and wing design. Outstanding loading flexibility with a large side cargo door and a unique nose door for quick loading of standard containers and pallets as well as outsized cargo

In service: X? 747-8s; 10 747-8Fs

The 747-400 Large Cargo Freighter (LCF) is designed to accommodate the large composite structures of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner for final assembly. The entire aft fuselage has been modified to swing open for loading while the upper fuselage was enlarged to provide a volume of 65,000ft³ (1,845m³)—three times the capacity of the 747-400 freighter.

In service: 4

An industry leader for operating performance in the intercontinental air-freighter market due to its low cost per tonne-mile and large cargo capacity. The fuselage cross-section is optimized to carry the maximum cargo with a minimum total container weight. Capacity includes up to 30 pallets on the main deck and 32 standard LD-1 containers and additional bulk cargo in the lower cargo hold. The holds are equipped with state-of-the-art cargo handling system

In service: 23

The mid-size, twin-engine 767-200 SF/300ER passenger aircraft is perfect for long-haul charters, seating from 102 passengers in all-first class or up to 255 total. The unique width fuselage and a new wing design with greater sweepback (compared to the 757) was designed with high altitude cruise in mind.

In service: 5

Fuel-efficient freighter aircraft ideal for supporting customers with time-definite express cargo. Capacity includes 9,216 cubic feet (265.7 cu m) on the main deck., and the manual cargo loading system is capable of handling four other loading configurations, including engine carriage and 16-foot pallet capabilities.

In service: 16

The world’s largest twin-engine freighter capable of flying ultra-long routes, with a maximum range maximum range of 9,500 nautical miles (17,600 km).

In service: 11