Miami Dolphins Take Flight: Offensive Lineman Rob Hunt Takes Off in Atlas Air Flight Simulator

Atlas Air, official sponsor and travel charter partner to the Miami Dolphins, recently invited Dolphins offensive lineman Robert Hunt to take his skills off the field and into the flight deck to experience what it takes to be a pilot. Fans can watch Hunt as he swaps his cleats for wings in a special behind-the-scene feature, released today.

Hunt joined Atlas Air 747 Fleet Captain Thomas Vize and 747 Captain Joe Masone, in one of Atlas’ 747 flight simulators to learn flying fundamentals, from takeoff to landing. The experience blended the worlds of aviation and sport, two professions that both require an immense amount of training, focus and execution.

“It’s always our great pleasure to fly Rob and his teammates as our passengers, and now we had the amazing experience to fly alongside Rob in our 747 training simulator,” said Captain Vize. “It was incredible to see how much our crew has in common with professional football players. Rob works with his team in one of the most challenging environments, running play after play with a high level of success and safety. Same here at Atlas, where our core value is Safety and we fly over 60,000 flights a year to deliver for our customers. It takes a team to win, both on the field and in the skies.”

Atlas is proud to fly the Miami Dolphins throughout the football season around the US and internationally, transporting more than 150 players, coaches and support staff along with their luggage, equipment and cargo in Atlas’ custom VIP Boeing 747-400.

Watch the full video here.

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