About Us

A commitment to building trust through proactive corporate governance

Our focus is on maximizing shareholder value through long-term, sustainable business growth and proactive corporate governance practices and policies. Our award-winning corporate governance promotes the long-term interests of shareholders, strengthens Board and management accountability, and helps build public trust in our company. To this end, Atlas Air is committed to:

  • Board and committee refreshment: This has resulted in the election of five new Board members and the rotation of the Chairman of the Board and the Chairs of the three standing Committees of the Board over the last three years. Diversity with respect to gender, ethnicity, background and professional experience is an important element in the Board selection process.
  • Frequent and extensive shareholder engagement: To ensure continued alignment of interests and responsiveness to shareholder feedback, we maintain a robust, year-round outreach program.
  • Compliance standards: We require our employees to act in full compliance with all applicable laws and to maintain the highest level of ethical conduct in their dealings with customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders.
  • A strong control environment: We maintain effective controls as an integral part of our routine business practices.
  • A long-term strategic plan: The Board of Directors is committed to enhancing shareholder value and has approved a long-term strategic plan designed to achieve this objective. It is being implemented by senior management with active Board involvement.
  • Corporate Governance Principles: The Board of Directors has established the Corporate Governance Principles to provide a framework for the effective governance of the Company. The Board reviews developments in corporate governance and all governance materials as necessary and appropriate.

The Company’s corporate governance materials, including the Corporate Governance Principles, can be accessed by clicking on the links below.

Committee Charters

Code of Conduct