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No matter your requirements, we have the right aircraft type ready for you.

Dedicated exclusively to air cargo, our fleet is comprised of the world’s top air freighters. We operate an all-Boeing fleet of 777F and 737-400s, distinguishing us as one of the most versatile and
f​lexible cargo airliners in the industry.

​Our diverse fleet of modern air freighters, together with our high-quality services, give you the optimal advantage in expanding your global networks and market opportunities. ​​

Our B777F aircraft each have a payload capacity of 108 tons and maximum payload range of nearly 5,000 nautical miles. This means you can maximize your network range, with increased access to the world’s key trade markets to ship cargo more efficiently.

The B777F is powered by two twin turbo engines and uses 25% less fuel than other air freighters. Its fuel-efficient technology and advanced engineering make it the most economic, wide-body aircraft in the world. Its two twin turbo engines reduce maintenance and fuel-related operating expenses to create greater customer savings. The B777F also provides the lowest trip costs of any long-haul cargo aircraft and has exceptional ton-mile economics. ​​

Our fleet of B777F deliver more value by minimizing our environmental impact and reducing our carbon footprint. The B777F lowers CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) emissions and our fuel-dependency to support your green business initiatives. ​

The B777F is an integral part of our network operations and service fleet. Currently, we operate the B777F on an ACMI basis for some of the world’s largest intercontinental air cargo carriers. We fly key international trade routes and connect the United States with Europe and Asia. Our demonstrated ability to execute strategic air missions and commitment to performance excellence has enabled us to serve some of the world’s most remote regions and shorten international air transit by one full day.

Our B737-400 is one of the most cost-effective air freighters, with specialized payload range capabilities that minimize customers’ fuel-related expenses. The B737-400 is a short-to-medium-range aircraft with a payload capacity of nearly 10 pallets. At maximum capacity, our B737-400s have a service range of about 2,300 nautical miles. This enables you to provide enhanced express service and capitalize on local market opportunities.

The B737-400 epitomizes supreme operational efficiency with its highly reliable performance record and simplistic approach to air cargo transport. The B737-400 is engineered to offer you an air freighter that is easier to maintain and manage overtime, lowering maintenance costs for greater customer savings.

 The B737-400 also supports environmental advocacy through its fuel-efficient technology and CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) efficiency. Its ecological sensitivity reinforces our commitment to sustainable aviation and helps us maintain our reputation as a responsible operator.  ​