Mother and Daughter Navigate the Skies with Atlas 

(L-R) Sunnye and Skye.

Just in time for Mother’s Day, a mother and daughter have joined the Atlas Air and Flight Services International family.

Sunnye Nowlin recently started training at the Miami Training Center with the FSI Flight Attendant team. She has spent the last 29 years in elementary education, 11 years as a teacher and the last 18 years as an Assistant Principal.

Her daughter, Skye Nowlin completed Atlas’ Pilot Pathway program in Arizona and and is also in Miami for 737 pilot training. Skye began her aviation career in 2020, graduating from Embry Riddle in April 2023.

“I’m so proud to see my daughter flying,” said Sunnye. “I would always tell her growing up that the ‘Skye’s the Limit’ and I knew she was destined to do amazing things.”

Sunnye with Skye at her graduation from Embry Riddle in April 2023.

Sunnye continued, “This is the best encore career ever. I get to serve others, travel to exciting destinations and also see all of Skye’s hard work and dreams of being a pilot come true. What a treat to be able to run into her daily in the halls of the Miami Training Center while we were both there for training.”

“My mother has always been my biggest fan,” said Skye. “She is a ray of sunshine, her name fits her quite well. When I realized that I wanted to be a pilot, she came with me to the airport to watch me go on my first discovery flight. She has been my number one supporter during flight training and throughout the last three years of my aviation journey.”

Sunnye and Skye with James Hock, Atlas Manager, Inflight Operations and Flight Attendant Fatigue Risk Management Program.

Skye continued, “My mom is one of the hardest working people I know. She is someone I continue to look up to when it comes to determination. Through every goal in my life my mom has been my cheerleader and this time we have been each other’s cheerleaders. I hope in the future to be able to fly with her one day too.”

Both Sunnye and Skye were referred by James Hock, Atlas Manager, Inflight Operations and Flight Attendant Fatigue Risk Management Program.

“With names like, Sunnye, and Skye, I would say they were destined to be a part of the aviation industry,” said James. “They’ll be great additions to our team, and we are glad to have them.”

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