Thomas and Titan the Service Dog Get a New Leash on Life

K9s For Warriors

Titan with his Warrior Thomas.

Atlas’ commitment to making an impact in the lives of veterans is exemplified through our long-standing and proud partnership with K9s For Warriors, the nation’s largest provider of trained Service Dogs for military veterans suffering from PTSD or other service-related trauma.

In March, we announced that the Company’s second sponsored Service Dog, Titan, was matched with his warrior, Thomas, a U.S. Army veteran from Tennessee. At the time, the pair had just begun settling into their new life, enjoying fun outings and other activities together.

Thomas and Titan enjoying a day at the beach.

Today, we’re happy to report that after just three months together, Thomas and Titan are doing better than ever. From traveling around the world to spending quality time at home, the pair have built an immeasurable bond that’s given them both a fresh start.

Hear an update from Thomas on life with Titan:

“We have settled in at home and he [Titan] is doing very well with the adjustment. The two of us have been exploring the world together and we even recently returned from a cruise to the Bahamas! While we were in Florida, we also attended the Houston Astros final spring training game, where they beat the St. Louis Cardinals 24-1!   

Titan making friends with Thomas’ cows.

Among the things that Titan has become comfortable with at home are the family cows. He also tries to be friends with our cats, but they have not reciprocated those feelings. Luckily, they at least tolerate one another. 

As far as daily life is concerned, Titan has fit in well with our family dynamic and enjoys getting to go places – whether that’s to run errands or go explore a new place together. He does well with his commands and we have become a strong team. He does not enjoy it if I leave him, even to do something simple like take the trash out. He will stand at the window or door and worry about where I am. 

Atlas has blessed me with a huge gift!”

We are so pleased to hear that Thomas and Titan are doing well, and we look forward to learning more about their journey together ahead. Stay tuned for updates on the Company’s third Service Dog, Polar, who is currently in training and will be matched with his Warrior soon!