Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month: Meet Claudia Montes

In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, observed every year from September 15 – October 15, Atlas will highlight our Hispanic colleagues who share how their culture has shaped them. Today we introduce you to Claudia Montes, Lead Training Records Administrator.

How long have you been with the Company and what are your primary responsibilities?

I have been working for Atlas for five years and I am responsible for tracking and maintaining records related to employee training and development to ensure we are all in compliance with contributing to the Company’s goals.

Photo featuring Claudia Montes

What do you enjoy most about being part of the Atlas team and your role specifically? 

What I like most about Atlas is the culture. The Company is not only committed to serving its customers but is also committed to responding to employee needs by actively engaging with us. I also greatly appreciate that Atlas Air is a leading aviation company and that its success is a gateway for professional growth.

My favorite part about my job is connecting with my team so I have a good understanding of their needs, opinions and concerns. Additionally, my day-to-day requires a lot of attention to detail and that active dynamic is what keeps me highly motivated to contribute to the Company’s success.

 How did you find Atlas?

I first heard the name Atlas Air in 2014 when I was working for a small charter airline. I was interested in working for a bigger airline and a colleague of mine referred me to Atlas. I joined the Company in 2017 and started as a Training Records Administrator. Atlas has given me the opportunity to grow my career and to experience firsthand how aviation evolves every single day.

What prompted you to consider aviation as a career? 

When I was in college, I was considering several different career paths within Hospitality and Tourism Management, which was my major. One of my assignments was to write an essay about the economic impact of a specific career. After two weeks of research, I learned that the aviation industry had a lot of growth opportunities and I believed that my career and financial goals would be achieved if I followed this path.

What is the best part about working in aviation?

I think the best part about working in aviation is the opportunity to connect with and learn about so many different cultures. It’s also very exciting to be a part of such a dynamic and exciting industry.

Please tell us about your Hispanic heritage and how your culture inspires you?

I was born in El Salvador but raised in Mexico. To me, being able to learn and be a part of two different cultures was an amazing experience. It was incredibly inspiring to see how both cultures keep their traditions and dialect alive. I also appreciate tourists’ interest in learning about the food, festivals and certain sacred rituals that makes each culture unique.

Tell us a little bit about your upbringing and the values instilled in you.

I come from a family of five and moving from one country to another made us stronger. We have tackled many challenges such as language barriers, cultural differences, leaving my grandparents behind and having to restart our lives in a new place. We didn’t see these life- changing events as something negative but instead viewed it as an opportunity to see life in a different perspective, pushing us to adapt. After 14 years of living in the United States, we continue to dedicate quality time to each other and remind each other that the best is yet to come.

What does Hispanic Heritage Month mean to you / how are you celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month?

Hispanic Heritage Month means understanding that we are all equal despite having different point of views. It’s a reminder that respect and understanding will be always fundamental for a person’s development.

I am celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month by signing my daughters up for several virtual tours of museums in Mexico so they can start learning more about where I’m from.

What would your colleagues be most surprised to learn about you?

My colleagues would find it surprising how quickly I adapt to changes. I am very open-minded and I am always striving to acknowledge that we all benefit and grow from one another.