The Many Benefits of Flying for Atlas Air

Atlas plane flying through the cloudsAtlas Air is proud to be the employer of choice for some of the top pilots in the air cargo industry. The Company cares for its crew members in the cockpit and beyond with special perks and outstanding benefits. Here are a few examples:

Live Anywhere, Fly Everywhere with Gateway Travel

Pilots who fly with Atlas appreciate the ability to live anywhere in the United States. Other carriers often require pilots to get to their base through standby travel or jump seating, which can be unpredictable and requires pilots to leave home days before their scheduled flight.

When it’s time to make it to base, Atlas Air purchases the pilot a positive-space ticket, ensuring a seat on their commuter flight. This eliminates uncertainty and unnecessary waiting while giving pilots extra time to spend with family and friends.

Family Comes First

Atlas Air understands the importance of caring for our pilots’ families. With gateway travel, there is no need to uproot loved ones. In addition, pilots who work for Atlas Air have expressed that they always feel cared for during a crisis. If a pilot falls ill and is far from home, for example, Atlas Air will arrange to fly that pilot’s family to see them, in addition to providing the support and company of local colleagues for the pilot until their family arrives.


Atlas Air pilots are leaders and capable decision makers, and Atlas trusts them to make the important calls. The Company maps out the overarching mission, but the pilots execute it. By offering their pilots exciting and challenging destinations, Atlas Air gives them opportunities to build rewarding and lasting careers.


With trust, flexibility and the support of family, pilots for Atlas Air are prime candidates to experience a variety of different flying and mission types. To that end, Atlas Air encourages pilots to bid for different bases or schedules in order to experience new locations and types of flying.

The wide variety of customers at Atlas Air provides pilots with opportunities to vary their flying as they move through different phases of their careers. They have the option of flying short, domestic flights, if routine is appealing. But those looking for something different can bid for a base that offers overnight cargo flights, high-profile passenger charters or even flights in support of our military.

As mentioned, pilots don’t have to relocate or even start at the bottom of a seniority list as they make career shifts, as Atlas Air will get them where they need to be.

The Chance to Make a Difference

The variety of assignments offered at Atlas Air provides the opportunity for a more impactful career. Atlas pilots have transported personal protective equipment (PPE) and vaccines in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Others have flown to and from Afghanistan to get refugees to safety. Atlas pilots also bring military members back home to see their families.

This rewarding work makes flying for Atlas Air so much more than just a job.