Atlas Tees Up For Students at Vaughn College

Vaughn College Logo
Vaughn College of Aeronautic Engineering, Aviation and Technology provides a distinct education to a diverse population of students in an environment that cultivates personal growth and leadership to create lifelong learners who make significant contributions to aviation industry. Atlas is a proud supporter of Vaughn and its students, many of whom in their successful post-collegiate careers become our colleagues, customers and partners.

As part of our support, this year Atlas sponsored the inaugural Vaughn Open Golf Outing fundraiser. Proceeds will benefit the newly established George A. Vaughn, Junior Family Scholarship, helping make the dream of an education possible for aspiring Vaughn College students. It is expected that this annual golf outing will become one of the College’s most important fundraising events of the year, along with the annual Vaughn Gala.

“Vaughn College has a long history of educating and preparing students in all aspects of aviation – combining classroom learning with hands-on, real-life experience,” said Adam Kokas, Atlas Executive Vice President and General Counsel. “Atlas is proud to support their endeavors to build the talent pipeline of the future.”

Players had the opportunity to meet and speak with current Vaughn students, who were stationed at various holes along the course. “Over the years I have worked with several colleagues who are Vaughn College alumni. It was inspiring to meet current students and to imagine what their success stories might be,” said George Kopcsay, Atlas Vice President and Associate General Counsel who joined Adam on the course that day.

Atlas Staff Vice President Procurement, Kevin Martin added, “Supporting Vaughn equals supporting the industry. Our involvement can help foster students’ interest in aviation as a career path at an early age. I enjoyed speaking to the students about the ins and outs of aviation and the complexity and dynamics that contribute to every single flight. In my opinion, there aren’t many industries that are as dynamic, interesting and exciting as aviation.”

“I was honored to attend the 2021 Vaughn Open in support of the George A. Vaughn Family Scholarship,” said Keinan Meginniss, Atlas Contracts and Compensation Attorney. “Atlas’s continued commitment to Vaughn College, and specifically, contributions to financial aid for its students, is something in which all Atlas team members should take pride.”