Atlas Air Worldwide Donations Support India during Prolonged Struggle with COVID-19

As COVID-19 vaccine distribution is underway in some parts of the world, we are seeing encouraging signs of progress, however the crisis continues in certain regions where access to care and infrastructure is a challenge. We have seen this in India, where they are facing a longer road to recovery.

Woman receiving vaccine

A frequent operator in the region, Atlas has partnered with multiple customers and non-governmental organizations to support relief efforts in India, including a $55,000 donation to and Airlink, two organizations that will ensure the funds directly impact communities in dire need of support.

Our $25,000 donation to will be directed to support a local grassroots effort within India. Flexport’s technology, logistics/customs expertise and hands on support will ensure the goods swiftly reach their destination and provide immediate relief for those in need.

Atlas companies Atlas Air, Polar Air Cargo and Titan Aviation Leasing each donated $10,000 to Airlink, for a total of $30,000. Airlink is a nonprofit organization that works with aviation and logistics companies to transport relief workers and emergency supplies for reputable non-governmental organizations (NGOs) responding to rapid-onset disasters and other humanitarian crises around the world.

The donation to Airlink will support Operation Airlift India, which is transporting of urgent medical supplies, including those needed for COVID-19 testing and vaccination, as well as PPE, oxygenators and more.

Atlas has a rich history of supporting Airlink and its relief missions and the airline’s leaders are personally involved in the organization’s inspiring work.

“We are proud to support Airlink’s critical Operation Airlift India and applaud their ability to quickly respond to this humanitarian emergency,” John said. “Their life-saving aid is urgently needed at this time when India’s local health systems and medical supplies are stressed with such a sharp increase of COVID-19 cases. We value the opportunity to contribute to these critical relief efforts.”