Polar’s Hybrid and Electric Vehicles in Ground Ops Drive Positive Impact

Electric vehicleAs the aviation industry focuses on becoming more sustainable, reducing aircraft fuel emissions is a major focus. It is important to remember however, that there are further ways to reduce reliance on fossil fuels across operations.

Polar has started to roll out hybrid and electric cars and vans to replace gas-powered vehicles throughout the network. 30% of vehicles are now powered by alternative fuel sources and the goal is to increase this to 40% by end of 2021. This switch to more sustainable Ground Operations vehicles will help reduce emissions.

Polar’s new, more environmentally-friendly vehicles have a unique custom design that highlights the company’s commitment to greening.

In Hong Kong (HKG), Polar has deployed two Nissan e-NV200 Zero Emissions electric vans. Along with numerous high-tech features, the Nissan Zero Emissions van is 100% electric, and allows drivers to travel 60% further more compared to the previous generation without compromising in load space or capacity, and fitting Polar’s needs well.

The sales team in Korea uses a hybrid Honda Touring vehicle, and in North America, Polar has rolled out Kia Niro and Toyota RAV4 hybrid vehicles. The hybrid vehicles are more efficient, and cleaner compared with diesel SUVs, representing a reduction in toxic pollutants and greenhouse gases. Ground Ops teams currently use the low-emissions cars to move between warehouses, airport facilities and the planes at Polar’s stations in Los Angeles (LAX), Cincinnati (CVG), Chicago (ORD) and New York (JFK).

Sylvie Blondeel, Polar’s Chief Financial Officer and executive sponsor of the company’s greening initiatives, said, “The purchase of these vehicles is a significant step in a greener direction, and they also reduce operation costs related to more costly gas and diesel.”