Healthcare Workers and Fellow Flight Crews on the Front Lines of COVID-19

Freestore Foodbank Thanks Atlas Employees

Freestore Foodbank Thanks Atlas Employees

Even under normal conditions, supporting our local communities is a big focus for Atlas. In CVG, the need for community support on multiple fronts in the face of the coronavirus pandemic was clear and our teams rallied quickly to help.

Within hours of learning the worldwide shortage of PPE for healthcare workers was playing out in their neighborhood, our CVG-based teams led by Jamie Handley, Vice President of Express Operations and Tom Killian, Director of Ground Operations arranged for the delivery of 2,000 masks to St. Elizabeth Healthcare in Northern Kentucky.

“Wow. What an amazing call to receive,” said Garren Colvin, President and CEO of St. Elizabeth Healthcare.  “We pride ourselves on our commitment to serving the community, so we appreciate like-minded partners, such as Atlas, helping us protect our staff.”

Days later, the CVG team stepped up again when they learned that Aitheras Aviation Group, the aviation partner for the Cleveland Clinic, was in need of personal protective equipment (PPE) for its flight crews.

George Katsikas, President and CEO of Aitheras Aviation Group, said additional PPE was needed for the crews to safely transport critically ill patients and organs for life-saving transplants.

“We appreciate Atlas Air Worldwide answering the call so quickly,” Katsikas said. “The masks the team donated have made a significant impact on our ability to keep our crews safe.”

Killian said he is proud to be a part of the effort to support the important work of those working on the front line. “The healthcare workers at St. Elizabeth and the crews at Aitheras are under extraordinary pressure as they do their life-saving work,” Killian said. “We were honored to be able to make these donations happen quickly for them. It was a great team effort.”

As another example of the CVG team’s community support, after learning of the critical need of the region’s Freestore Foodbank, Tracy Duwel, Director of Human Resources, worked quickly to support it through an incredible Atlas Act of Kindness.

In acknowledgment of that need, Atlas donated $10,000 to the Freestore Foodbank, which supports more than 500 community food pantries in 20 counties throughout Northern Kentucky, Southern Ohio and Eastern Indiana.

Atlas’s donation was doubled to $20,000 through a matching gift from the Foodbank’s long-time donor.  The funds will help the organization fulfill its mission to serve an estimated 270,000 food-insecure people, including 80,000 children.

“This incredibly generous gift from Atlas Air Worldwide comes at a critical time for our neighbors in need,” said Kurt Reiber, President and CEO of the Freestore Foodbank. “We so appreciate Atlas employees who care!”