The Atlas Salute to Service: Ana Archie and Nancy Escobar

Nancy Escobar and Ana Archie in Bagram, Afghanistan. June, 2011.

Nancy Escobar and Ana Archie in Bagram, Afghanistan. June, 2011.

Ana Archie and Nancy Escobar may have only worked together in Materials Operations for about six months, but the women have a shared history that dates back to 2008, when both enlisted in the U.S. Army looking for adventure, new experiences, and opportunities to develop new life skills.

The two were assigned to their first duty station in Fort Carson, CO. As part of the 152nd Movement Control Team (MCT), they deployed to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom for a one year rotation.

While in Afghanistan, they worked Air and Ground Operations for Regional Command, East Afghanistan. The 152nd MCT’s work directly contributed to the shutdown of U.S. operations in Iraq and transfer of soldiers to Afghanistan.

“The friendship and the bond that you form while you’re in the military, and particularly when you deploy overseas, is different than most friendships,” said Ana. “It’s a bond that can’t be defined.”

The unit returned to Fort Carson in May 2012. Ana spent one more year with the U.S. Army before transitioning to military outsourcing in the private sector, while Nancy continued to pursue her dream of becoming Airborne and grow within the ranks of the Army.

“Jumping out of planes taught me to embrace fear, take it as a challenge, and conquer it,” said Nancy.

In 2016, the two women found themselves working alongside each other again in Germany, as a result of their both being tasked out to Special Forces. “It is truly a small world, considering I had transitioned to the private sector,” said Ana.

Nancy added, “Our knowledge about each other’s strengths and weaknesses has always made us a great team.”

Two years later, both women headed back to the United States. Ana was hired by Atlas as Materials Operations Supervisor in Houston (the interview process began while she was still overseas), and Nancy took some time to stay at home with her son and continue her education in logistics.

Admittedly, Nancy felt a bit restless. “Spending time with my baby was great, but I couldn’t let my knowledge and expertise in the field go to waste, logistics is my passion.”

Nancy took a job as a bank teller, while Ana embraced her new role at Atlas. “My aviation experience in the Army prepared me very well for my new position,” Ana explained.

An opening in Ground Ops came up later that summer – a Catering Coordinator position for VIP charters – and Ana thought Nancy with all of her experience, particularly her work with Special Forces, made her the perfect candidate.

Ana’s assessment was spot on; Nancy was hired by Atlas in August, 2018. Recently, an opportunity came up for Nancy to transfer into Materials Operations, and now, once again, they are on the same team.

When asked about their military career and its influence on the work they do today, both women acknowledge the impact the Army has had on them, and how it’s shaped their “get it done” work ethic.

“In my role as Materials Operation Manager, I am faced with many difficult tasks,” said Ana. “But that doesn’t stop or scare me. I focus on figuring out not only how to get it done, but to get it done well.”

“The Army taught me that failure is not an option,” added Nancy. “Here at Atlas, I refuse to give up; I always give 100% in all that I take on.”