Our Companies

Network Operations

Equipped with the most advanced​​ technology, we provide around-the-clock customer service and use the most modern systems to support your global operations.

System Operations Center

Twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year, we have crew scheduling, operations planning, customer interfacing, maintenance control, maintenance planning and our Flight Dispatchers to handle all your ACMI/CMI and charter needs. Our System Operations Center also has backup generators and computer servers, satellite communications and other critical systems necessary to ensure you top operational safety and performance excellence.

Network Management

We use industry leading technology to optimize your flights and offer flight plans that are both practical and efficient. Included in our Network Management services are customized route analysis and air traffic reports as well as collaborative flight planning services to ensure your every expectation is met.

Flight Dispatch

All of our flights are planned and released by U.S. FAA Licensed Dispatchers. Each Southern Air Dispatcher is required to successfully complete our FAA approved 200 hour training program prior to releasing any flight.

Fuel Management

We help purchase and manage fuel efficiently. We use highly sophisticated, Boeing-issued performance data tools that help our pilots plan and use different flight profiles for better fuel economy. Based on your needs, we customize your profile to help you optimize your capabilities.