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Our Maintenance team is comprised of world-class, seasoned professionals, whose leadership holds a combined 80 years of technical experience servicing the industry’s largest air carriers. With multiple operations throughout the United States, Europe and Asia, we have an elite network that enables us to support our customers and service our aircraft anywhere in the world. ​

Line Maintenance

All of our Maintenance Representatives are licensed by the United States FAA. Our full staff of Maintenance Controllers allow us to provide 24/7/365 fleet support, operating side-by-side with our team of Flight Dispatchers. We are also fully staffed with Maintenance Planners, who proactively and efficiently plan all maintenance events, including coordinating with our Operations and Maintenance department on schedule changes, planned work, aircraft deferrals, tooling and parts. Our Maintenance Representatives also have the flexibility to travel throughout the world and provide on-site service support.

Quality Control and Assurance

Our in-house Maintenance team also has FAA licensed Quality Control Auditors and Instructors, CASS/Reliability personnel as well as Records and Publications personnel. Our Quality Control teams oversee work performed on our aircraft and proactively monitor aircraft trends. We also work with other industry-leading professionals to expand our services and flexibly meet your every requirement.


We have FAA licensed, in-house Engineers and Propulsion Leaders to provide continuous support to our customers. We also work with other industry leaders to proactively handle all types of engineering services, including fleet expansion, Maintenance Program development and modification, Airworthiness Directives, Service Bulletins and Heavy Maintenance. Our engineers also provide any Aircraft on Ground (AOG) service support to fulfill your every need.

Engine Team

Included in our Maintenance services is our partnership with Aerologic and MTU Maintenance, which allows us to leverage additional worldwide support as well as maintain cost-efficiency. We also have a fully mobile international Engine team that is capable of engine changes anywhere in the world. Our Engine team monitors performance and executes corrective actions to ensure maximum engine efficiency and service life.

Material Handling and Parts

We have a full staff of Parts and Logistics Professionals stationed throughout the world to provide support to our Maintenance Representatives. Our Material Controllers assist with planning and moving parts throughout our system. We also have routable inventory support with suppliers located across the globe.