Polar Air Cargo Team Pursues ‘Less Waste, Better Future’

November 6, 2019

Atlas Air Worldwide’s commitment to ESG is activated at all levels of our company, by our executive leadership team, through our subsidiaries and operations centers, and by individual locations and employees around the world. Grassroots initiatives are a significant driver of our efforts. Consider the example of the team at Polar Air Cargo, an Atlas Air Worldwide company, working at Anchorage International Airport in Alaska.

The team in Anchorage identified that a significant amount of waste was being generated from discarding oil cans used in aircraft and truck maintenance. The employees launched a program to collect and recycle these cans – but they didn’t stop there. Employees engaged with Polar vendors and partners at the airport to facilitate the collection and recycling of their cans as well and to have all of them sent to a local recycling center. Since starting the program in June 2019, Polar employees have recycled 500 cans every two weeks.

This waste reduction program in Anchorage is part of Polar’s broader sustainability initiative called Project Greening. Launched in 2019, Project Greening, under the slogan “Less Waste, Better Future,” is intended to engage Polar employees in problem-solving and action around environmental concerns. The initial focus is on addressing “low-hanging fruit” such as waste reduction, energy management for facilities and equipment, and office materials recycling, with a longer-term intention to work on a variety of ESG-related issues.

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